Got a bit of news or an event or something else you’d like us to know about? We’d love to have you come by the studio during the show and get on the air to talk about it, but if you can’t (or if the thought of that’s just too scary), email the details to by Tuesday and we should be able to work it in. (You should also put on your distribution list; that one goes to WOOL’s Mid-River Bulletin Board.)

As a noncommercial station, we can’t read ad copy or promote commercial interests; but if the thing contributes to educating or entertaining or generally bettering the community, we can do that. Concerts, art exhibits, lectures, readings, appearances, races, fundraisers, fairs. You get the picture.

You can also send surface mail to WOOL-FM, ATTN Monsters and Hamsters, PO Box 110, Bellows Falls VT 05101.