Being a guest is fun and informal and goes by fast. Maybe you’re part of an organization and want to talk about it. Or there’s a fundraiser coming up that you want to plug. Or you’re in a band and have a gig. Or something. Our broadcast license restricts us from advertising businesses; but guests can talk about what it’s like to be in the business they’re in as a way of establishing credibility and expertise. As long as it contributes to educating or entertaining the community, we’re good.

Or you can also be a guest just for kicks. You don’t have to actually know anything or have an agenda.

Don’t forget, the show has an open-studio policy, so feel free to just show up. 33 Bridge Street, Bellows Falls. Or call 802-460-9665 ext 100.

(That said, we’ve also had interviews with big-deal celebs fall in our lap from time to time, usually when they’re going to be coming to town. Check out our Mixcloud archive for goodies with folks like Pete Yarrow of Peter, Paul and Mary; actor/musician Alicia Witt; Dave Alvin from The Blasters; Pete Bernhard from The Devil Makes Three; and a bunch of other cool people.)