Jailhouse Rock

And here it is:

– – –

Advance warning for the September 6 Monsters & Hamsters show. Put it on your calendar. We’re gonna watch Jailhouse Rock on the radio: Steve Chelmsford (host of the syndicated program The Mop Tops & The King), his lovely bride Nancy, and me. And you.

Scare up a copy, queue it up, pop some corn, turn your video sound down and your radio sound up, hit play when we do, and we’ll make our own commentary track. We won’t be able to hear you (our loss), but you’ll hear us (hopefully not your loss).

Until a couple days ago, the whole movie was on YouTube – but a copyright claim was made and it’s gone now. They musta got wind of our plan. Because that’s just how much power we wield.

It’ll be entertaining even if you don’t have the video running. Honest.

Monsters & Hamsters on WOOL-FM 91.5 around here or streaming from www.wool.fm over there at 7:00 PM on Wednesdays, all times Eastern zone.

(Mop Tops & The King? www.themoptopsandtheking.com … Airing on Black Sheep Radio on Thursday afternoons at 3:00, and again in the wee early hours on Sundays at 5:00.)

Willa Mamet + Paul Miller

Two voices, one guitar, rare depth. Willa Mamet and Paul Miller stopped by the station this weekend on their way from Boston to points north, and we recorded a sit-down and a live preview of their upcoming performance with Cheryl Wheeler at Next Stage Arts in Putney on September 9. Be forewarned that it’s likely to sell out.

Tune in during the first hour this week for this treat. Seriously. Treat.

Find more info about the upcoming concert at www.nextstagearts.org/event/cheryl-wheeler-and-willa-mamet-paul-miller/?instance_id=19953 and more info about Willa and Paul at www.kitchen-table-music.com

Monsters and Hamsters, Wednesdays on WOOL 91.5 around here and streaming everywhere else from www.wool.fm starting at 7:00 PM Eastern.

Vermont Headstones

Gonna kick off the first hour this week with a field recording by Stewart Read taken at the historic Rockingham (Vermont) Meeting House of a performance of the evocative contemporary classical Vermont Headstones song cycle composed by Stanley Charkey and performed by Donald Wilkinson on voice, Mary Cicconetti on oboe, and Anya Schemetyeva on viola.

Starts at 7:00 PM Eastern on WOOL-FM 91.5 in these parts, and streaming live from www.wool.fm in the other parts.