Eight O’Five Jive’s Andy Scheinman

Had a chat with former Vermonter Andy Scheinman, who’s down in Nashville these days with the jumpin’ blues and swing band Eight O’Five Jive. They’ve got a new album out named Swing Set and they’re headed for the big International Blues Challenge in Memphis right about now. Recorded January 30, 2017. Includes four songs from the new one.

Pete Remembers Woody

When WOOL-FM upgraded from its low-power license to the full-power one it has now, the first thing over the air was an obscure recording of Woody Guthrie singing This Land Is Your Land.

I like that song, I love the lyric, but I’ve never been a real big fan of old social-justice folk that Woody inspired. Maybe it’s because I didn’t live in the time when that music was the soundtrack for a sweeping social movement. But I’m aware of the history of those tumultuous years, and I’m concerned about the ways that these times are mirroring those. The interview I did recently with Peter Yarrow touched pretty heavily on that stuff.

I never saw Woody perform because he died before I turned six. I saw Pete Seeger once in the ’80s, and he didn’t spark for me. But those two were pals, and their music changed the world. For the better, I think. The other day I came across a 2012 program called Pete Remembers Woody — it’s terrific. It’s an old guy remembering his old friend and old times.

I’m going to play it on Monsters & Hamsters this week. Wednesday night starting at 7:00 Eastern, 91.5 FM hereabouts and streaming from www.wool.fm everywhere else.