Hungrytown: WOOL-FM in-studio

Had a blast in the WOOL-FM studio with Rebecca Hall and Ken Anderson of Hungrytown. Lotsa laughs, great conversation, and they performed nine songs spanning their career. Definitely one of the most fun Monsters & Hamsters in-studio sessions so far. In the fullness of things was it thus spake: “It’s not every studio that has giant ears they can just pull out of their ass.” (It might be noted that they actually are serious and talented musicians.)

We gotta get some screens on those 57s for the interviews though.

Oh, they’ll be playing the big Weston Birthday Bash on Saturday, June 18 in Weston, Vermont. More info about that shindig and the rest of their schedule on their website,

Pete Bernhard

At the end of the 8:00 hour of Monsters & Hamsters on WOOL-FM this Wednesday evening, stay tuned after the “Please Kill Me: Voices From the Archives” punk roots special for a short conversation with Pete Bernhard from The Devil Makes Three. He’s got a concert coming up with MorganEve Swain (I think she’s bringing her new band, The Huntress & Holder of Hands) along with the band O’Death at Next Stage in Putney. June 13. It’s gonna be a great show. Cheap tickets, only $12.

If you can’t wait, and/or if you want more, here’s the full 26 minutes Pete and I did, including a couple live in-studio performances plus tracks from Huntress and O’Death:

Please Kill Me: Voices From the Archives

I am, how you say, fried. So this week, a special treat for all of us!

pleasekillme Twenty years ago, Legs McNeil and Gillian McCain recorded interviews with people involved with the punk scene for a book called “Please Kill Me: The Uncensored History of Punk.” Now these interviews with the likes of Iggy Pop, Jim Carroll, Debbie Harry, and the Ramones have been restored and compiled in a two-hour documentary, Please Kill Me: Voices From the Archives — with original interviews, narration from the writers (as well as Michael des Barres) and the music that gave punk its powerful soundtrack.

Wednesday night from 7 to 9 on WOOL-FM, 91.5 hereabouts or streaming from in the flatlands.

Women’s Freedom Center

A really engaging and important hour with advocate Shari from the Women’s Freedom Center, a local organization working to end domestic and sexual violence. They serve Windham and Southern Windsor Counties in Vermont. Check ’em out at

(Enjoy the background sound of the air handler for the last time – our refurbished broadcast microphones are back from the shop and will be in place for next week’s show, yay!)