Dave Alvin

Dave Alvin likes to laugh. I like that. He was a founding member of rough-and-tumble roots rockers The Blasters way back when, and later The Knitters, and played with all kinds of folks of all stripes over the years, on top of a solo career that keeps going and going. But he sums it up by saying, “If you cut me open, I’m basically a blues player.” This was a fun conversation. Dave’s headlining opening day at the Roots On The River music festival 2016 in Bellows Falls, Vermont – Friday, June 3. More info at www.rootsontheriver.com … and more about Dave Alvin at www.davealvin.net

Celia Woodsmith of Della Mae

Delighted to talk with Celia Woodsmith from the much-acclaimed band Della Mae, who will be playing opening day of Roots On The River 2016 on June 3 here in Bellows Falls, Vermont. The band (which rarely plays Vermont) announced just a few days ago that they’re taking a hiatus at the beginning of next year – they won’t be playing in our area again in the foreseeable future, so this is a doubly rare opportunity to get to see them in action. More info about Della Mae at www.dellamae.com … More info about the Roots On The River music festival at www.rootsontheriver.com

Spuyten Duyvil

The Atlantic Ocean didn’t stop us from tracking down Mark Miller from Spuyten Duyvil. They’ll be bringing their pumped-up good-time to the 2016 Roots On The River music festival here in Bellows Falls under the big tent in the wee bits of June. This is one of the don’t-miss acts. They all are, but this one really is. More about Spuyten Duyvil at www.spuytenduyvilmusic.com … more about Roots On The River at www.rootsontheriver.com

Izzy Serebrov in-studio

Izzy Serebrov’s going to be a great surprise, perhaps especially for veteran Roots On The River attendees who have come to know him over the years as a festival volunteer… not knowing the talent this kid has. He makes his debut under the big tent on Friday, June 3, at 4:00. You’ll want to be there. More about the festival at www.rootsontheriver.com

Mary Gauthier

Compassion, understanding, and an adventurous spirit: those are three of the qualities you hope for in an interview subject when you call an hour before they’re ready because of a time zone miscommunication. Mary Gauthier has all kinds of that stuff packed into her giant heart, thankfully. She’s also the longstanding host of the transcendent all-acoustic Sunday show at the historic Rockingham Meetinghouse that closes the Roots On The River music festival every year in Bellows Falls, Vermont. I already used the word ‘transcendent’… I can’t think of a better one. More about the festival at www.rootsontheriver.com and more about Mary at www.marygauthier.com

Milkhouse Heaters & Bobby Dove

Here’s what tonight’s show is looking like: In the 7:00 hour, a terrific in-studio recorded with The Milkhouse Heaters; milkhousebobby and in the next hour, a phone call I did with the very cool Bobby Dove. Both will be playing at this year’s Roots On The River music festival in Bellows Falls (see www.rootsontheriver.com for more info on the festival).

These segments have already been posted to social media, and you may have listened to them… however!, the web version of the Bobby Dove interview redacted a couple initial mixes of songs from her upcoming new album — but those will be broadcast in their entirety tonight. That’s an exclusive and you’re not going to hear it anywhere else.

Catch it tonight starting at 7:00 Eastern on WOOL 91.5 FM in the southern Vermont and New Hampshire borderlands broadcast area, or streaming live anywhere with internet from www.wool.fm

Matt, Marty, and Jen on Permaculture

This segment is actually much better than I initially thought. Tons better. In terms of content anyway. There were technical issues with mics and headphones, and there was way too much background noise. And permaculture is a huuuuuge topic that can be realllllly difficult to convey. But I stopped cringing after a couple-three days and gave it another listen – and it turns out that this is an excellent example of community at work. It makes me proud. Big thanks to Matt, Marty, and Jen for coming in and talking about New Hampshire Permaculture Day and addressing ginormous, sweeping concerns and possibilities. I hope they’ll come back!

NH Permaculture Day is an annual gathering of teachers, learners, practitioners, activists, and supporters… with workshops, demonstrations, skill sharing, food, and more. Get info at www.nhpermacultureday.org

Roger Marin

Roger Marin has a perfect attendance record: he’s played every Roots On The River festival since it started. That’s, like, 17 of them this year. He’s got a perspective on this festival that nobody else does. Take a listen. It’s coming up June 3 – 5, 2016. www.rootsontheriver.comwww.rogermarin.com

Bobby Dove

Perhaps the most engaging Roots On The River 2016 performer conversation we’ve had so far, and the Sunday set at the Meeting House promises to be every bit as real. Bobby Dove’s gonna soar, www.bobbydove.com … playing the Roots On The River music festival on June 5 in the historic, all-acoustic Rockingham Meeting House www.rootsontheriver.com

Sam Baker

Sam Baker and Carrie Elkin will be making a much anticipated return to Bellows Falls VT on Saturday, May 14, 2016, at the Windham Ballroom. We had a wide-ranging phone conversation with Sam about the nature of art and music, small towns, horribleness and gratefulness, and more. Info about and tickets for the show at www.popolomeanspeople.com … and have a gander at Sam’s website, www.sambakermusic.com