The Milkhouse Heaters

Local heroes The Milkhouse Heaters — live in the studio, chatting and playing. They’ll be under the big tent up the hill at the Roots On The River 2016 music festival in Bellows Falls, Vermont, come Saturday, June 5. Listen to this and you’re gonna wanna move here. Find all the festival details at and all the Heaters details at

Lula Wiles

Lula Wiles was in the studio for some super-fun, super-casual chatting and playing. And ye cats, dearly beloved, they sure can do both of those things. They’re in the big Saturday June 4 lineup at the Roots On The River music festival in Bellows Falls this year, … and also part of the Sunday morning gospel hour at the all-acoustic historic meetinghouse. Their impressive debut album is due out any second now, see

Lara Herscovitch

Lara Herscovitch is making a return appearance at Roots on the River 2016. We had a conversation with her that was by turns deep, funny, and affirming; give it a listen. Three of her songs in here, too. The 2016 Roots On The River music festival is June 3 – 5 in Bellows Falls, Vermont; see for the full lineup. See for more about Lara.

KMO Drives Tonight: 4/20/2016

KMO will be at the Monsters & Hamsters helm tonight in his first solo flight and taking it where he will for the full two hours. PLUS it’s his birthday. I, for one, am looking forward to finding out what happens. Tune in for an earful of what you might expect when he launches his own weekly show on WOOL-FM — day and time still undetermined, but it’s coming.


Devin Mauch of The Ballroom Thieves

The Ballroom Thieves are coming to Roots on the River 2016, and they’re bringing a 20-plus-piece string section: the Maine Youth Rock Orchestra. No kidding. This is the first time they’ve done this at a festival. Thieves’ percussionist Devin Mauch gave us some details about that, endlessly touring, his freakish drum kit, bad antiquing habits, and more. Roots On The River 2016 is June 3 – 5 here in Bellows Falls. See for the full lineup. See for more about The Ballroom Thieves.

Philip Price of Winterpills

Winterpills and Arc Iris are going to be playing on the same bill at the Windham Ballroom in Bellows Falls VT on April 15, 2016. Yow. We had a really good chat yesterday with Philip Price of Winterpills. Listen in to hear four tracks from their brand-spankin’-new CD, Love Songs.

Deb Carbin, KMO, and Dr. Lisa; 4/6/2016

We only archive special segments these days, but the conversation in this one was fun, thought-provoking, and at times sublime, and deserves to have some kind of afterlife. Deb Carbin was in for her monthly appearance, and between her and trainees KMO and Dr. Lisa grabbing the reins, it was exceptional. There’s some extra noise in this recording to compensate for a low mic level in post, but so what. Live without a net, warts and all. The really good Peter Aguero interview is also included in the second hour.

A conversation with Peter Aguero

Peter Aguero, probably best known for his association with The Moth, will be at Next Stage in Putney VT along with Ophira Eisenberg on April 16, 2016. So we had a little chat with him to make sure his intentions are pure. Are they ever. KMO sat in on this really interesting discussion and pretty much ran the second part.