Maybe Elton John tonight.

I know I keep saying that we’ll have him on, and I keep blowing him off every week. elton john Well, it looks like tonight’s probably the night, in the 8:00 hour, to talk about his new album, and his big break in the USA back in the day, and whatever. I’ll probably bring in somebody else to do the interview though, because I can’t be bothered with these pop stars anymore. Get off my lawn.

Tune in starting at 7:00 for whatever’s on my mind (usually not much), the upcoming week’s PSAs, maybe a look at the local papers. And as always, it’s open studio and open phone so feel free to stop in or call in. I’ll also replay the brief phone conversation we had last week with Steve Chelmsford, host of The Mop Tops & The King, obliquely about the episode he recorded with me here at WOOL-FM a couple weekends ago and is scheduled to air tomorrow afternoon at 2:00.

3 thoughts on “Maybe Elton John tonight.

  1. He probably won’t show up because you didn’t call him Sir. Pat requests Skyline Pidgeon.

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