Maybe Elton John tonight.

I know I keep saying that we’ll have him on, and I keep blowing him off every week. elton john Well, it looks like tonight’s probably the night, in the 8:00 hour, to talk about his new album, and his big break in the USA back in the day, and whatever. I’ll probably bring in somebody else to do the interview though, because I can’t be bothered with these pop stars anymore. Get off my lawn.

Tune in starting at 7:00 for whatever’s on my mind (usually not much), the upcoming week’s PSAs, maybe a look at the local papers. And as always, it’s open studio and open phone so feel free to stop in or call in. I’ll also replay the brief phone conversation we had last week with Steve Chelmsford, host of The Mop Tops & The King, obliquely about the episode he recorded with me here at WOOL-FM a couple weekends ago and is scheduled to air tomorrow afternoon at 2:00.

Steve Chelmsford call, 3-16-2016

The host of The Mop Tops & The King, Steve Chelmsford, gave us a ring in the wake of a fun visit to Black Sheep Radio HQ over the weekend to record an episode of his syndicated show.

Peter Mulvey + SV Idol, 3/9/2016

svidol After a 12-year run Keene Idol is now Southern Vermont Idol! $1,500 Grand Prize! And it’s a fundraiser for RAMP (Rockingham Arts & Museum Project) to boot. The amateur talent competition was a signature event in Keene; now producer Susan MacNeil has relocated to Bellows Falls and brought it with her. It’ll be happening at the Moose Family Center — auditions are coming up on April 23, May 14, and June 18, with the competition proper starting in July. We’ll get the scoop right from Susan. She’s a firebrand (in the really good sense). The website is still a little bit under construction, but the basics are all there.

mulveycoversqsm Plus, I recorded a rollickin’ conversation with Peter Mulvey the other day, and we’ll play the whole thing. It’s already out there in the wild on YouTube, but this’ll be the version with the music. He’ll be appearing with Pamela Means at the Windham Ballroom in Bellows Falls on Friday, March 11. He’s feelin’ the Bern, answers the lingering questions “bicycles or Bukowski”, tells his side of the shared near-death experience with Matt Lorenz (Suitcase Junket + Rusty Belle), and more.

Listen in this Wednesday night from 7 to 9, WOOL-FM 91.5 or streaming from … or stop in, we’re an open-studio show: 33 Bridge St, Bellows Falls … or call in, 802-460-9665 extension 100.

Peter Mulvey

mulveycoversqsm A rollickin’ conversation with Peter Mulvey, who’ll be appearing with Pamela Means at the Windham Ballroom in Bellows Falls, Vermont, on Friday, March 11 (2016). This is the complete version, with the songs “What Else Was It?” and “Lies You Forgot You Told” from his album Silver Ladder.

Women’s Film Festival, 3/2/2016

Shari from the Women’s Freedom Center on the Women’s Film Festival; Deb Carbin from the Great Falls Regional Chamber of Commerce on upcoming Chamber events; Dr Lisa Nash, program host trainee; a poem; huge biceps; writing cursive with pencils; and general chaos. An exceedingly successful Monsters & Hamsters show on community station WOOL-FM in Bellows Falls, Vermont.

Shari from the Women’s Freedom Center will be on in the first hour wff to talk about the 25th annual Women’s Film Festival coming up March 11 through 20 at the New England Youth Theatre in Brattleboro. 38 films by and about women… but not for women only.

The Film Festival is a fundraiser for the Women’s Freedom Center. Beginning with an opening night gala on Friday, March 11th and continuing to Sunday, March 20th, there will be 16 documentaries, 7 feature films, and 15 shorts from around the world.

Jeff Starratt had Shari on his Three Bags Full show as well last week, and did a great interview that really covered the Center and its range of services. Take a listen:

I’m thinking that we might dive a little more deeply into the festival itself, but we’ll see.

The good Dr Lisa will also be on hand as her program host training continues, and she’ll bring her smart participation and good humor to the table.

Haven’t heard from Deb Carbin, executive director of the Great Falls Regional Chamber of Commerce, but we’ve got a standing date on the first Wednesday of the month. Hopefully she’ll be in to update us on the latest doin’s.

Then in the second hour, we freestyle.

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