WOOL Boot Camp with Gail Golec, 1/27/2016

Gail starts host training this week! Forensic anthropologist and zooarchaeologist, gail golec playwright and sitcom producer, star of local stages and screens, and more, will be adding radio and podcast hosting to her arsenal because she’s smart and creative and fun. Whee! (Seriously: Whee!) We’ll be doing some freewheeling training — it makes for bumpy radio at times, but that’s part of the goodness and delight of opening the live community radio inner sanctum to a new initiate. You could be next: www.blacksheepradio.org/WOOL/host/.

(Regular Monsters & Hamsters listeners generally expect a bumpy show anyway.)

Brock Zeman, 1/13/2016

Gonna lead off this week with whiskey-voiced troubadour (and former punk, as it turns out) Brock Zeman Brock Zeman, who will be playing Roots On The River coming along in the first bit of June once again here in Bellows Falls. But we’ll have him on the phone way ahead of time so you can start making your festival plans. (We’ll be talking with as many of the musicians as will talk to us in the lead time up to the big shindig.)

After that, we’ll get into the usual stuff for the rest of the show. We’re never quite sure what that is, but it typically involves a look at upcoming events and local news.

Then stay tuned for Mystery Train at 9:00, and The Outside In at 10:00.

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Ben Luce, renewable energy expert. 1/6/2016

A late-breaking guest for the top of the 8:00 hour — benluce professor of physics and sustainability at Lyndon State College, and former head of alternative energy for Los Alamos National Laboratory, Ben Luce. (That LANL gig is mighty impressive.) He’ll be speaking at the Grafton Inn on Friday evening, January 15, at 6:30, about ridge-top wind farms. We’ll talk about that, sure, but there’s more that I want to get into with this guy. For instance, he’s a musician too… and that’s just as important as anything else. Maybe more.

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Deborah Carbin, Executive Director of the Great Falls Regional Chamber of Commerce. 1/6/2016

Let me be perfectly honest about one of my many failings: gfrcc I don’t really know what the Great Falls Regional Chamber of Commerce does. Is that bad? In any case, I’m looking forward to finding out all about it when its new Executive Director, Deborah Carbin, favors us with a visit at the top of the show this week.

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