Maria Basescu… and maybe Christine Ohlman. 12/30/2015

Looking forward to catching up with everything that’s been going on at Next Stage Arts down in Putney when we have its Executive Director, Maria Basescu, in the studio this week.

And if we’re very good and very lucky, perhaps we’ll also have the Beehive Queen of rock & soul, Christine Ohlman, on the phone. But that’s a maybe. Christine and her band, Rebel Montez, will be playing the grand reopening dance party at Next Stage on January 9th!

Allison Teague and Alicia Witt

December 9, 2015: reporter Allison Teague, and actor/musician Alicia Witt.


Allison Teague and I chose to delay last week’s conversation — I had that stupid recurring traveler’s cold, and she was head-first into one of those difficult articles that she writes. So you didn’t miss it!

Then you’ll absolutely want to stick around for the second hour when we’ll have Alica Witt on the phone for a while. Yeah, that Alicia Witt, from all those movies and TV shows. Life’s a gas. She’s also doing music these days, and we’ll be playing some of her latest tracks.

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