Allison Teague

Back in the saddle! Thanks to Daniel Hartigan for covering for me the last couple weeks. Dude’s about this close to launching his own show.

Allison and I have rescheduled our conversation to next Wednesday. I have a cold that’s come screaming back with a vengeance, and Allison is knee-deep in writing a complicated article. It’ll be way better when our heads are clear. Thanks!

In the 7:00 hour this Wednesday night, December 2nd, weather permitting, we’ll have Allison Teague, allison teague perhaps best known these days for her reporting in The Commons, the most journalistic newspaper in these parts anymore. They do actual investigative reporting, for which they win well-deserved awards.

She’ll be talking about whatever comes up… and that will almost certainly include the proposed detention center in Bellows Falls. It’ll be interesting to hear what a reasonable voice steeped in actual research might have to say on that topic.

Me, I want to learn more about her grandpa, W.D. Teague, a giant of industrial design in the early- to mid-’50s.

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Antje Duvekot & Barry Stockwell

It’s been excitin’ winging it. We may just keep doing that for a while. The unscheduled drop-in guests have been a perfect delight, and we even had a phone call from Santa a couple weeks back. The every-other-week training with Daniel Hartigan has been fun too; I think he’ll be in again this week, and possibly return visits from the Wonder Cat and the Companion of the Dying.

Further afield, Allison Teague from The Commons is slated for December 2 in the first hour. The in-between shows, November 18 and 25, will either have guest hosts or outright fakery… both worth listening to.

antje-stobro But having said all that, we’ve got a couple actual scheduled big guests this week: Antje Duvekot (by phone) and Barry Stockwell (in person). Holy cow. They’ll be on the same terrific bill at the Windham Ballroom this Saturday.

In addition to being a mesmerizing performer, Antje Duvekot’s won awards like the Grand Prize in the John Lennon Songwriting Competition, the Kerrville Folk Festival Best New Folk Award, and the Boston Music Award for Outstanding Folk Act.

“She creates an entire, detailed world in verse, and takes you there with beautiful and understated melody. Her songs are stunning paintings of color and shade and always generate the heat and light that real art should.” — Neil Dorfsman, producer of Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, Sting, Dire Straits

“Terrific writer and singer, with the instincts to do things right, over and over and over.” — Rolling Stone.

Listen to this:

And then there’s the Stockwell Brothers (Bruce, Barry, and Alan), who ride seamlessly between straight-up bluegrass, finger-picked guitar ballads, and full tilt breakdowns, spiced with jazzy world beat grooves. They’ve played alongside the likes of Bill Monroe, Doc Watson, Earl Scruggs, Mary-Chapin Carpenter, Jonathan Edwards, and Asleep At The Wheel. These guys are royalty… but you’d never guess it from how down to earth they are.

Update: the interview, with mysterious distortion on my voice (it gets better).

Sue Morse, Angie the Surf Cat, and Jesse the Companion of the Dying

Finally, an episode worth sharing. In the first hour: a phone interview with naturalist, wildlife specialist, photographer, and founder of, Sue Morse. Plus some local news. And some music. In the second hour: drop-in guests Angie the Surf Cat (aka Holly) discussing microhouses, joined later by Jesse the Companion of the Dying (aka Jesse). Plus some local PSAs.

Oh, and here’s something new: WOOL-FM now has a weekly archive, so if you miss a show or want to hear a show again — any show aired on WOOL — you can stream it at your convenience anytime during the following week.

Sue Morse, Angie the Surf Cat, Jesse the Companion of the Dying. 11/4/2015 by Monsters And Hamsters on Mixcloud