They is what they be

Y’know, I’ma just not post here unless there’s a guest or something special lined up. The show will happen like as not every Wednesday; tune in, call in, stop in. It’s all good. We’ll talk.

I’ve been enjoying the last couple-three relaxed weeks since un-hiatusing. It’s not the same without Drew though, who may yet come back, or may not, or may spin off his own show. Again, it’s all good.

Daniel Hartigan, Bellows Falls Farmers Market Manager and More extraordinaire said he’ll be in again this week for guesting / cohosting / training. Aram Polster from Precision Valley Coffee Roasters tells me that the Pioneer Bean guy is moving to Bellows Falls pretty soon, and Aram wants the two of them to do a show. That would be cool. Maybe those two plus Daniel could gang up for something cool, or trade off every other week like Jade and Ginger do with the Mixtape Radio show. Y’know what? All good.

So, Wednesday nights from 7 to 9. Maybe guests, maybe not. Maybe you. We’ll hit the free papers, peruse the PSAs, play a little music when it seems like the right thing to do. Say it with me: All good.