Hello (tap tap tap), is this thing still on?

Monsters & Hamsters is still on hiatus because life got so crazy, but there’s going to be a terrific one-off this week. imhm-hw Foot-stompin’ band Ida Mae and The Honest Mistakes — and maybe if we’re very lucky, some or all of HUMANWINE too (they haven’t confirmed, but we’re hopeful confirmed!… we’ll have ’em until 8:00) — will be in the studio on Wednesday night from 7:00 for as long as we can keep ’em going or 9:00, whichever comes first. If you don’t already know these acts, check out idamaespecker.com and humanwine.org. They’re both playing at the Steampunk Festival coming up fast in Springfield in mid-September — see springfieldvtsteampunkfest.com to find out about that. (It’s gonna be awesome.)

Oh, this’ll be fun! Wednesday starting at 7:00 on WOOL-FM 91.5 in the broadcast area, and streaming from wool.fm everywhere else.

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