We Shall Overcomb, 6/17/2015

B’bye For Now, 6/17/2015 by Monsters And Hamsters on Mixcloud

We’ve come to a decision. It’s been building steam, and now it’s here. Monsters & Hamsters will be going on hiatus so that Drew and Mark can join the Donald Trump for President campaign. we shall overcomb The Donald to the rescue! A million three-dollar websites to put America back to work! That’s three million dollars, people! Put on those dancin’ shoes!

Nah, but seriously, we’re both overcome with life stuff right now. Some good, some bad. You know how life is. Monsters & Hamsters is a volunteer gig; everything at WOOL-FM is done by volunteers. It’s been fun to do the show, and we like to think that it’s made a positive contribution to the community over the last 90-some episodes. And who knows, it may come back sometime. Maybe it’ll pop up now and again. Maybe it’ll actually continue in some new and different way. Everything’s on the table.

But this much we know: It’s just not sustainable for either of us right now.

Mark will ease it out tonight for one last time (for now). If Drew is able to pop in, he will. Kinda going out with a whimper, eh? 🙂

As always, feel free to stop by at the studio during the show (33 Bridge St in Bellows Falls), or call 802-460-9665 ext 100 (hopefully the phones will be working), or drop a message on the website or Facebook page.

Bit of a SNAFU lately, 6/10/15

Bit of a SNAFU lately, 6/10/15 by Monsters And Hamsters on Mixcloud

Sorry, everyone. Drew was stellar while Mark was out, but the archiving system was on the fritz so the on-demand files never happened. sadkitty Plus Drew was doing catering for Roots On The River and needed to attend to that, so there was a show or two that didn’t happen along the way too.

But there was an unpromoted episode this past Wednesday. Drew was recovering from the ROTR blast, so it was Mark solo, but joined by President Bill for a fun second hour. Maybe you caught it because of how devoted and cool you are. Good thing, because the archiver was still on the fritz and Mark forgot to start recording at the top of the show… but here’s a good percentage of it for your pleasure.

Things will probably be normal again starting next week. Maybe.