Antici… pation, 4/22/15

Anticiā€¦ pation, 4/22/15 by Monsters And Hamsters on Mixcloud

What’s up this week? Nothin’! Zip nada zilch! Drew’s on a well-earned family vacation, nothing so one-tooth-short Mark’s in charge — and he’s been up to his ears in recovering WOOL-FM from the untimely demise of its automation computer. So unless somebody out there takes this bull by the horns, there’s no telling what’ll happen. Got all that? Tooth, ears, horns.

One thing known is this: Outlandish public gratitude for their WOOL memberships are still owed Nancie and Uncle Steve.

One thought on “Antici… pation, 4/22/15

  1. Looks like we might have a little Nancie Lorenz and Uncle Steve awesomefest in the first hour.

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