Antici… pation, 4/22/15

Antici… pation, 4/22/15 by Monsters And Hamsters on Mixcloud

What’s up this week? Nothin’! Zip nada zilch! Drew’s on a well-earned family vacation, nothing so one-tooth-short Mark’s in charge — and he’s been up to his ears in recovering WOOL-FM from the untimely demise of its automation computer. So unless somebody out there takes this bull by the horns, there’s no telling what’ll happen. Got all that? Tooth, ears, horns.

One thing known is this: Outlandish public gratitude for their WOOL memberships are still owed Nancie and Uncle Steve.

Daniel Hartigan, 4/15/15

The new manager of the Bellows Falls Farmers Market, Daniel Hartigan, will be on with us this week in the first hour. dhartigan Big-big-big changes are happening! Building on last year’s improvements, the Market and its mighty vendors are moving those field-fresh and artisan foods and goods to a more visible spot smack-dab in downtown Bellows Falls.

The Bellows Falls Farmers Market was the first one in this area; it’s almost hard to believe that it’s been around for more than a decade. In its 11th year, we can look for more great vendors, products, entertainment, and family-friendly events.

Catch the show Wednesday night at 7:00, on the air at 91.5 WOOL-FM or streaming from live online. Open studio as usual at 33 Bridge Street in Bellows Falls if you wanna pop in, or give a call at 802-460-9665 ext 100.

Alex Stradling, 4/8/15

Alex Stradling, 4/8/15 by Monsters And Hamsters on Mixcloud


Falls Area Community Television (FACT) has a new Executive Director: Alex Stradling. alexstradling He’s got a long history with public access TV, starting in high school when he and his brother and their pals started producing comedy skits. Then he expanded his scope, partnering with other New England filmmakers on projects and producing short films for festivals; moving to film central, Los Angeles, to keep working and learning the art and trade; and eventually finding his way back here to Vermont with a wealth of experience and knowledge. He’s brought a fresh collaborative energy to FACT, and things are looking even brighter for local media in our area.

Get to know Alex and FACT a little better this Wednesday night at 7:00 on WOOL-FM, 91.5 on your local radio or streaming live online from anywhere there’s internet. Always an open studio at 33 Bridge Street during Monsters & Hamsters so feel free to drop in, or give a call to 802-460-WOOL ext 100.

Ry Cavanaugh (Session Americana), 4/1/2015

Ry Cavanaugh (Session Americana), 4/1/2015 by Monsters And Hamsters on Mixcloud


If you know the Boston roots rock and folk scene, you surely know Ry Cavanaugh. ry And if you don’t, it’s not too late. He’s one of the mainstays of the heralded Session Americana collective/band that’ll be playing at the Windham Ballroom on Thursday, April 9. We’ll be on the phone with him for a bit tonight around 7:00.

Session Americana has been described as a rock band in a tea cup or a folk band in a whiskey bottle. It doesn’t strike me as an either/or in this case, and that’s not a bad thing.

Their newest CD “Pack Up The Circus” doesn’t officially come out until tomorrow, but you can hear some tracks tonight.

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