Ben Carr, 3/25/15

Ben Carr, 3/25/15 by Monsters And Hamsters on Mixcloud


David Acker & Nancie Lorenz Awesomefest + More Mighty Fred Tipton DJ Training, 3/25/15 by Monsters And Hamsters on Mixcloud


(4 strings) + (melody) + (rhythm) x (joy). We’re gonna have Ben Carr in the studio with us this Wednesday night! His latest CD, Unyielding, just dropped at the end of December bencarr and its fusion of world beat, jazz, prog, folk, and drum magic has been wrapping itself around people like a big-hearted embrace.

In addition to his solo work, he sits in regularly with folks like Sunny Lowdown, The Milkhouse Heaters, Patty Carpenter, and Mo Ambesa. He teaches drums and ukelele too (yay teachers!), does studio session work as a player or knob-twiddler (or both), and more. This dude’s livin’ the music in multiple time signatures.

This Wednesday night at 7:00 on Monsters & Hamsters, broadcast on WOOL-FM 91.5 in these general parts or streaming from everywhere else. Open studio during the show at 33 Bridge Street in Bellows Falls if you’d like to come by, or open phone at 802-460-9665 ext 100 if you’d like to call.

The Suitcase Junket, 3/18/15

M&H 078: The Suitcase Junket by Monsters And Hamsters on Mixcloud

Junk percussion and throat-singing are cool and fun, but The Suitcase Junket ain’t just gewgaws, gimcracks, and gimmicks. suitcasejunket The Boston Globe said it well: “Not everyone can pull off the one-man-band gambit without lapsing into schtick, but Matt Lorenz has it all down to an art… the songs are what you remember.” He’s not easy to pigeonhole, but if you need something to lean on, think Tom Waits, The Black Keys, and Andrew Bird. All at once. Powerful and poignant folk-rock-blues-storytelling. The third Suitcase Junket album, Make Time, just came out in January.

The Suitcase Junket has a show down in Brattleboro this Thursday night with Bella’s Bartok and Wooly Mar at The Future Collective before heading out on tour to New York, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia and back, culminating with a special May Day show here in Bellows Falls at The Windham Ballroom… but before any of that stuff, we’ve got him right here on Monsters & Hamsters this Wednesday night! Stoked. In the broadcast area at 91.5 FM, streaming from everywhere else. (Farther off into the future, he’ll also be playing the Steampunk Festival in Springfield VT in September.)

Open studio during the show at 33 Bridge Street in Bellows Falls, Wednesday night at 7:00. Phone 802-460-9665 ext 100.

Fun with Fred, 3/11/15

M&H 077: Fun with Fred by Monsters And Hamsters on Mixcloud

He was going to come in last week, but there was a last minute water-coming-through-the-ceiling emergency that he had to deal with. fredtipton Yikes! Naturally, that took precedence, as well it should have. But we’re gonna try again this week, and here’s the beauty part of it: the mighty Fred Tipton is going to have a jazz show on Black Sheep Radio! The process of his assimilation into the WOOL borg has already begun, and will continue tonight. Resistance is futile. We’ll all start getting to know Fred a little better, and start showing him the secret buttons and stuff. As always, feel free to stop by or call in — 33 Bridge Street in Bellows Falls, or 802-460-9665 ext 100.