Dylan & Dish, 1/28/15

M&H 071: Dylan, Dish, and Other Delights by Monsters And Hamsters on Mixcloud

It’s not coming out until February 3, but we just got our grubby mitts dylan shadows on the tracks from Bob Dylan’s new album of American standards, Shadows in the Night. So you can look forward to a first listen to some of that tonight. Heck, maybe even all of it. We even got a DMCA waiver, that’s how legit this is. We haven’t listened to it yet, but it’s gotta be better than that stinky Christmas album Johnny Cash did.

And yesterday The Dish was snowed in and couldn’t do her show, so it’s sounding like she’ll be joining us tonight for at least a while — don’t really know what she has in mind. Open door policy! You can come on down too!

What else? Dunno.