M&H 060: Pioneer Bean Company / Sawyer’s Artisanal Cheese / Precision Valley Coffee Roasters


It’s a localvore threefer this week! We’ve got Jeff Levine from Pioneer Bean Company… Joe Sawyer from Sawyer’s Artisanal Cheese… and Aram Polster from Precision Valley Coffee Roasters. All at the same time. There’s no telling what’ll happen when you get three passionate local artisans of delectable consumables together, but you can bet it’ll be tasty, lively, fun, an earful, and maybe a mouthful.


Pioneer Bean Company: “Beans! We make hummus & other delightful edibles. Our schtick. Beans. Our mission is to have fun. Good Clean Healthy food is Fun. Have Fun!”

Sawyer’s Artisanal Cheese was started as an intentional effort by the Sawyer family to create a complex living food while supporting the local food system. It is made using certified organic milk from a small herd of Jersey and Normandy cows. We make our cheese on a farm that uses 100% solar powered electricity. Each wheel of cheese is handcrafted and aged for four to six months in our cheese cellar.

Precision Valley Coffee Roasters, located in Springfield, VT offers small batch, artisanal roasting of high quality and cooperatively sourced beans.

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