M&H 057: What Doth Life

The What Doth Life segment; the rest of the show; the whole thing:


What Doth life anyway? It’s hard to define. What Doth Life is a sort of musician’s co-op, whatdothlife not really a label, sort of a brand with nothing to sell. Seven Days VT said: “[Windsor-based] What Doth Life confirms that something strange and wonderful is indeed a-brewin’ in the Upper Valley. Who knew? My guess is that the next awesome crew of likeminded songwriters and rockers won’t emerge from the state capital or Vermont’s most populous city. Instead, keep your eye on Windsor, and newish collective/label What Doth Life.”

If anybody can ‘splain what it’s all about, Kiel Alarcon can. brendankiel We’re expecting to have this Windsor lad with us in some fashion, either on the phone or in the studio, with or without co-conspirator Brendan Dangelo. (Kiel’s on your right, Brendon’s on the left.)

Wednesday night around 7:00 on WOOL-FM, 91.5 in the broadcast area and streaming worldwide from www.wool.fm

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