M&H 052: Cry You One

Here’s a link for just the Cry You One segment; here’s a link for the rest; and here’s the whole show:


UPDATE: Just got word that you should buy tickets NOW if you want to go, it’s almost sold out. www.sandglasstheater.org/events/

Cry You One is a 2-1/2 hour outdoor performance that’s part song, part story, and part procession — a musical and theatrical journey about the effects of one of this country‚Äôs worst environmental disasters, hurricane Katrina, and its relevance to other communities, like southern Vermont. cryyouone The show marries the spirit of New Orleans music and storytelling with the beautiful Vermont landscape and our own stories of hurricane Irene. Cry You One addresses themes of converging cultures, natural disasters, human error, living with water, and the desire for permanence.

And it’s happening just down the highway in Guilford, performed outdoors along a one-mile hike through forest and field — rain or shine, so dress for it. Sturdy shoes, rain gear, warm clothes, bug spray, and a water bottle are recommended.

This is a collaboration between two New Orleans theater companies, and the cast is comprised of eleven New Orleans theater artists, Cajun style and African inspired musicians, and on-site designers doing a residency with Putney’s Sandglass Theater for their Voices of Community series, in conjunction with Guilford-based Vermont Performance Lab. The artists are sharing their Louisiana story, and making it our story, too: here in Vermont.

In the first hour on Monsters & Hamsters, we’re going to have a call from one or more of the folks involved in this thing; we’ll talk about the event, the people, the Louisiana backstory, their thoughts on Vermont, and anything in life that they’re passionate about. We’re never sure where these conversations are going to go, but it’s always delightful where they end up.

Catch the discussion Wednesday night between 7 & 8 PM Eastern time on WOOL-FM, 91.5 in the broadcast area or streaming from www.wool.fm everywhere else.