M&H 051: No Hero Vermont

Here’s the terrific Alex Ketley segment:


Here’s the rest of the show.

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Imagine for a minute that you popped into the general store to get a bottle of apple juice and a couple people struck up a conversation with you about dancing. alexketley And then they danced for you. And filmed it all. This might have actually happened to you sometime during the last month or so if you ran into Alex Ketley and Sarah Woods.

Alex is a dancer, teacher, freelance choreographer, and the director of a contemporary dance company based in San Francisco called The Foundry. He’s doing a residency with Vermont Performance Lab for a project called No Hero Vermont, which takes a look at we regular people’s relationship with dance. vpl That’s the “no hero” part — you don’t have to be in the Bolshoi to be a dancer.

On September 11 there’s going to be an informal screening of the delightful, profound, and moving results of the experiment screened at the Bellows Falls Opera House. Tickets are $5, available at the door or in advance online at www.vermontperformancelab.org/events

But first, we’ve got him in the studio on Monsters & Hamsters, Wednesday night at 7:00!

Drew’s in charge this week while Mark’s in the board meeting.