M&H 050: Senior Solutions

Janice Hall from Senior Solutions to the rescue! Our intended guest, Alex Ketley, didn’t happen (my mistake — but he got some great press in the local weekly papers that came out yesterday), so instead we had a good conversation with Janice that built on last week’s show in several ways. Did you know that the number of Vermonters over age 65 will DOUBLE by 2025 compared to 25 years earlier? Yikes.


For the DJ Skar segment, see mixcloud.com/monstersandhamsters/

– – –

Yeah, so, uh, we might have a guest or not in the first hour this week. I kinda screwed up a little. oops

Alex Ketley, Choreographer & Artistic Director of The Foundry in San Francisco, is doing a residency at Vermont Performance Labs down in Guilford, and will be doing a screening of No Hero Vermont at the Bellows Falls Opera House on September 11. We’re going to have him on, but in the course of emailing back and forth I somehow turned 9/3 into 9/9 (which isn’t even a Wednesday). I realized this yesterday. I haven’t heard back from Alex about it yet.

In any case, we’ve also got DJ Skar for his third and final training session.