M&H 049: Death & Dying for Beginners


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Serious topic this week in the first hour. Well, mostly serious. Probably. It’s death and dying. OK, I guess that’s pretty serious. But I bet it’s not without its humor… perhaps a more transcendent sort. hospice I mean, it’s something we’re all going to do, right? So let’s hope there’s a lighter side of it. I could be wrong. We’ll find out.

We’re planning to have Patty Dunn and Ryan Murphy from Brattleboro Area Hospice in with us to discuss the help that organization gives not only to the dying, but to those left behind. The importance of this can’t be adequately described, at least not by me. Clearly. Please take a look at their website at brattleborohospice.org.

They’re also going to talk about a class they’re giving at Parks Place here in Bellows Falls called Death & Dying for Beginners. It’s a free class that will explore participants’ awareness, attitudes, and feelings about death and dying, and teach how to provide emotional and practical support to those facing or grieving a death.

Note that class size is limited and a pre-course conversation with one of leaders is required. The registration deadline is September 9.

The class will be on Tuesdays from September 16 through October 7, from 6:00 to 8:30 PM. To register, or for more information, call Patty Dunn (Hospice Program Coordinator) at 802-257-0775 ext 102, or Ryan Murphy at 802-257-0775 ext 105.