M&H 046: Karin Mallory

Here’s a link to the Karin Mallory segment… or you can listen to the whole program on this thing:


We’ve got Karin Mallory with us in the studio this week. In addition to being a massage therapist for almost 20 years now karinmallory (she moved her office to Bellows Falls from Saxtons River a while back, and you may have seen her out and about giving chair massages at farmer’s markets and other events and places — including The Oak Meadow School, Florentine Films, Bensonwood, The Walpole Savings Bank, and the Roots on the River Music Festival), she’s organizing a benefit concert for brain cancer research that’s going to feature The Steel Wheels, Todd Roach, Mac Ritchey, and Beth Lavinder at the Bellows Falls Opera House.

That was a long sentence.

Public funding for cancer research is given based on how many people have what kind of cancer; and because brain cancer accounts for only 2% of all cancer deaths, it receives almost no public funding. Karin dedicated herself to the cause of brain cancer after her dad was diagnosed with Glioblastoma — one of the 120 types of primary brain cancer.

Karin bases her good life of service from a Dairy Farm in Walpole where she also enjoys time with friends and family, hikes with her dog, practices yoga, and takes photographs.