M&H 049: Death & Dying for Beginners


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Serious topic this week in the first hour. Well, mostly serious. Probably. It’s death and dying. OK, I guess that’s pretty serious. But I bet it’s not without its humor… perhaps a more transcendent sort. hospice I mean, it’s something we’re all going to do, right? So let’s hope there’s a lighter side of it. I could be wrong. We’ll find out.

We’re planning to have Patty Dunn and Ryan Murphy from Brattleboro Area Hospice in with us to discuss the help that organization gives not only to the dying, but to those left behind. The importance of this can’t be adequately described, at least not by me. Clearly. Please take a look at their website at brattleborohospice.org.

They’re also going to talk about a class they’re giving at Parks Place here in Bellows Falls called Death & Dying for Beginners. It’s a free class that will explore participants’ awareness, attitudes, and feelings about death and dying, and teach how to provide emotional and practical support to those facing or grieving a death.

Note that class size is limited and a pre-course conversation with one of leaders is required. The registration deadline is September 9.

The class will be on Tuesdays from September 16 through October 7, from 6:00 to 8:30 PM. To register, or for more information, call Patty Dunn (Hospice Program Coordinator) at 802-257-0775 ext 102, or Ryan Murphy at 802-257-0775 ext 105.

M&H 048: The Original DJ Skar. YES.

This is the truncated podcast version. You’ve noticed that we fade the music out for the podcasts; this is because neither WOOL-FM nor Monsters & Hamsters has the money for an on-demand music license. Since this is mainly a talk show, that’s not usually a big deal. But this episode is really about the music. We also archive our shows on a service called Mixcloud, which maintains a blanket license for long-form audio; to hear the whole show with the music, head over to mixcloud.com/monstersandhamsters/.


Confirmed — hot from Chicago, we’re gonna have Eric Johnson, originaldjskar aka The Original DJ Skar, with us this week! He’s bringing some vinyl, he’s bringing tales of glory… he’s just plain bringing it. YES.

Here’s the thing. This guy and his wife moved to the area recently, and came to the WOOL block party a couple weeks ago. Turns out they’re a couple of the nicest, most real people you’d want to meet. Turns out he loves and lives music. Turns out he’s a DJ. Turns out he wants to host a show on Black Sheep Radio. YES.

This will be the first of his three training sessions, and we’ll probably learn a thing or two from him. And we’ll probably learn a thing or two about him too — because he’s not just a trainee who probably doesn’t actually need any particular training, he’s our guest for the night. With any luck, we’re going to have him on board for the next three weeks running, and then he’ll graduate and get his own time slot. YES.

Did I say this? — YES. Tune in, meet the newest member of the flock. 91.5 FM in the broadcast area, or streaming worldwide online from www.wool.fm from 7 to 9 Eastern Standard. YES.

M&H 046: Karin Mallory

Here’s a link to the Karin Mallory segment… or you can listen to the whole program on this thing:


We’ve got Karin Mallory with us in the studio this week. In addition to being a massage therapist for almost 20 years now karinmallory (she moved her office to Bellows Falls from Saxtons River a while back, and you may have seen her out and about giving chair massages at farmer’s markets and other events and places — including The Oak Meadow School, Florentine Films, Bensonwood, The Walpole Savings Bank, and the Roots on the River Music Festival), she’s organizing a benefit concert for brain cancer research that’s going to feature The Steel Wheels, Todd Roach, Mac Ritchey, and Beth Lavinder at the Bellows Falls Opera House.

That was a long sentence.

Public funding for cancer research is given based on how many people have what kind of cancer; and because brain cancer accounts for only 2% of all cancer deaths, it receives almost no public funding. Karin dedicated herself to the cause of brain cancer after her dad was diagnosed with Glioblastoma — one of the 120 types of primary brain cancer.

Karin bases her good life of service from a Dairy Farm in Walpole where she also enjoys time with friends and family, hikes with her dog, practices yoga, and takes photographs.