M&H 045: Block Party Music Preview


Open phones and open doors this week! Old Home Day is coming up this weekend, and the Black Sheep Radio Block Party is the one after that. We’ll be chatting up those things and more, and playing music from the bands that’ll be at the block party. Give us a ring at 802-460-9665 ext 100 or stop on by at 33 Bridge St in Bellows Falls. We’ll try to keep an eye on Facebook and stuff too.

Old Home Day:


The annual Black Sheep Radio Block Party is coming up on Saturday, August 9 under the sun and stars at the Waypoint Center on the island in downtown Bellows Falls from 6 to 11 PM. Live music from five bands, lively people like you, a cash bar, and fun food! This is one of our biggest and most fun fundraisers every year. 100% of the proceeds support your community radio station, WOOL. Tickets are $15 on the day of show, but they’re only $12 in advance (that’s less than $2.50 per band!) and you can get ‘em online right right now at www.blacksheepradio.org/WOOL/blog/block-party-2014/

Playing at the block party this year:

The Once Hollow got their start when two punk guitarists and a torch singer had three weeks to pull together a set for a gig. Their sound gathers in jazz, indie, folk, bluegrass, punk, blues, and whatever else feels urgent and fitting.

Sool has been recording and making music together for over a quarter century, traversing genres and experimenting with sounds in the spirit of psychoacoustical science. Plus they’re lots of fun.

The Meteor Shades play a distinct upbeat vintage indie Americana rock. The band features members from The Break Maids and Moxley Union.

Mike Schlenoff, affectionately known as Schlenny, evokes American roots while remaining honest and present. He was part of Boston’s underground jug-funk band The Hogstompers.

Riddim Vigil draws inspiration from the crossroads of Rastafari livity (the life-force that flows through all living things) and orthodox Christian faith, and they play conscious roots reggae music.

M&H 044: Dennis Molesky


This week we’ve got Dennis Molesky! Tucked away on a dirt road in East Alstead is an unmarked music and performance venue with a growing posse of ultra-loyal regulars. dennismolesky That’s the Mole Hill Theater… and that’s just one of the things Dennis has done with his life.

Read this article from the Keene Sentinel.

Read this article from What’s Up In The Valley.

Check out the theater’s Facebook page.

Live yammering with Dennis Molesky on the Monsters & Hamsters radio show, Wednesday night at 7:00 on WOOL-FM… 91.5 in the area, streaming from www.wool.fm everywhere else.

If we’re very lucky, he’ll have a special guest with him. No promises though.

M&H 043: Upstaged


Big time, big time! This week in the studio we’ll have cast and crew from Upstaged, a TV series written and produced right here in Vermont and New Hampshire.

What’s it about? Harold Howard-Hartwell is a failed NYC theater actor/director/producer. Undeterred by his apparent lack of talent, he moves to a very small town in New Hampshire with the grand plan of making it the base for a new artists’ colony. Hijinks ensue.


The third episode of Upstaged will be premiering at the Bellows Falls Opera House on Thursday, July 24. They’ll show the first two episodes first, then roll out the brand-spankin’-new third one. It all starts at 6:30, and it’s free!

But first you can catch ’em live and extemporaneous on WOOL-FM on Wednesday night, July 16, at 7:00.

M&H 042: Call Drew!


Drew’s at the helm by himself tonight while Mark’s in the board meeting. Pick up the phone and call him! phoneringing 802-460-9665, and then dial extension 100. Talk about something going on in town, tell a joke, tell a secret, ask him a question that he won’t know the answer to just to see what he does.

WOOL has one phone line, so if it’s busy that means that somebody’s already talking to him; call back in a couple minutes.

Monsters and Hamsters is on the air from 7 to 9 every Wednesday night on WOOL-FM, 91.5 in the listening area and streaming worldwide from www.wool.fm

M&H 041: The Aberration


Tonight only! Live music! Progressive acoustic metal from Chester, Vermont! aberration Did we say acoustic metal? Yes, we did! So you don’t need to be scared! And they’re the top-ranked progressive metal band from Chester on Reverbnation!

This is gonna be really cool — just look at all those exclamation marks.

They’re called The Aberration and they’re a two-piece guitar-and-drums powerhouse. Normally they play electric, so this is something special: It’s an Aberration aberration, just for you.

Wednesday night, July 2, at 7 PM on WOOL-FM 91.5 or streaming from www.wool.fm