M&H 040: Mystery Guest

The mystery guest was Drew Pelletier from The Valley Cafe in downtown Bellows Falls, right under the clock tower! Also a call from Maria about the Marlow Historical Society auction, a call from Dickie about working an old houses, and a delightful drop-in from Vanessa and Paul from Atlanta.



You’re more curious about this than anything you’ve been curious about in a long, long time.

M&H 038: Mike Schlenoff


Sure, Schlenny’s having a release party for his new CD Muse’s Morals at Pleasant Valley Brewing on June 17 and it’s gonna be great and all… schlenhoff but before that he’s gonna be on Monsters & Hamsters! Scoop! This week, babies.

Mike Schlenoff used to be with Boston’s jug-funk band, The Hogstompers, and toured nationally with Mornin’ Old Sport as their lead guitar player. But more recently he’s been doing a solo thing. The new disc’s dropping in no time – get in while the gettin’s good. Celebrate your inner trendsetting hipster.

Mark’s going to be in the board meeting, Drew’s in charge. So you know it’ll be good.

M&H 037: Soveren Solar


UPDATE! Mark will still be solo, but he’ll have two or three or more folks from Soveren Solar in the studio with him. soveren Soveren is based in Westminster West, and they design and install solar photovoltaic systems. They set up shop in 2010, and have installed about 500kW of PV for more than 30 clients, including small businesses and farms.

They’ve also got a new program called Vermont Community Solar — people without a good place to put solar panels can instead own part of a larger system somewhere else nearby so they can reap all the benefits as if the system were on their roof or backyard.

– – –

Mark here. I’m solo this week. solo

Drew, as many of you may know, runs the ever-so-tasty Valley Cafe in downtown Bellows Falls along with Krissie. It’s right under the clocktower; stop in and say howdy. They’ve also been setting up at the Bellows Falls Farmers Market every Friday and selling out of food each week. That’s how scrumptious! They’re also bringing their delightful dishes to Roots On The River this Friday and Saturday, and are super busy getting ready to get ready.

I’ll be playing some interviews with Roots On The River performers that I did that we haven’t run yet, and maybe I’ll rerun one or two that we already ran. And Jeff interviewed headliner James McMurtry on his show last week, I’ll play that too. Also, music from the festival’s performers.

WOOL will be around for the Thursday show at 33 Bridge (we’ll give you a studio tour!), and the kiosk will be set up Friday and Saturday at the big tent. Stop by and be our friend.