M&H 034: Boopity Boppity


Drew’s in charge! Mark’ll be in a board meeting!

Sometime during the second hour there’s going to be a live phone interview with Michael Farkas of The Wiyos. These guys are a big deal! They’re going to be playing this weekend in Putney at Next Stage.

Mark’s been busy during the week getting interviews with some of the performers who will be at this year’s Roots On The River music festival right here in Bellows Falls, and if Drew’s into it he’s going to play one or more of those and some music too. You heard Brian Henneman of The Bottle Rockets last week. This week Mark interviewed Mary Gauthier, Cruz Contreras of The Bottle Rockets, and Curtis McMurtry (who is James McMurtry’s son, and Larry McMurtry’s grandson). He’ll also be doing one with Carolyn Wonderland on Wednesday afternoon, but might not have it ready in time for this week’s show.