M&H 027: Horse Skeletons


Word is that we’re going to have another Bellows Falls doer with us in the studio this week. Some people talk about how to “turn the village around” — to lift it up, make it a destination and a better place to live. Michael Bruno Well, here’s another hard-workin’, smart guy that goes beyond chatter and actually gets things accomplished.

Michael Bruno is the driving force behind The Windham Antique Center in the Bellows Falls square, and the reason for the improvements to the Edward Arms Block at the gateway to downtown that you may have been noticing. And there’s more that isn’t immediately apparent.

A striking thing about the activities of our guests lately is the powerful synergy between the care for community they live in and their personal passions. These things combine as a rising tide that lifts all of our boats, and a pathway to personal and civic sustainability alike.

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