M&H 023: I Saw the Cover


Monsters & Hamsters continues to lay low while WOOL gets ready to burst back onto the FM dial at 91.5, bigger and stronger than ever. But you might be interested in firing up the internet stream to catch this week’s non-episode, especially if you’re curious about either the direction M&H is taking, or if you’re considering training to do your own show. We’re taking on an actual cohost, and we’ll be in the studio with Drew for his first training session.

There will still be co-co-hosts and guests from the community every week; it’ll still be a community talkie. But there’ll be two weekly hosts, all the better to serve the listeners, and keep things interesting and moving right along.

As always, comments here on www.monstersandhamsters.com are encouraged, phone calls are delightful (you’ll go directly to air at 802-460-9665), and drop-ins are welcome.

M&H 022: Shop Talk & Inside Jokes


Another episode intended to be a throwaway but that accidentally turned out to have some entertainment value. I’ve been letting things kinda coast while the station’s power upgrade moves forward – not seducing community cohosts, skimping on outreach and promotion. Probably a bad idea, but I’m saving the juice.

Dickie from the B-Side stopped by; we talked a little shop, bantered a bit. Totally relaxed and conversational. I liked it.