M&H 021: A Selfie


This wasn’t gonna be an official episode. It was gonna be a throwaway. I didn’t even make a post for it in advance so people could comment here on the site. But then they commented on Facebook, and sent texts and emails. No calls though. Dammit people! 802-460-9665!

I didn’t have a cohost lined up, so I decided that it would only be fair to subject myself to the same thing I ask of them: to talk about themselves.

M&H 020: Permaculture Plus


Better results with less work! The whole is greater than the sum of its parts! Stack your functions! Waste = food! Integrate and diversify! Synergy and creativity! Sustainability elevated beyond a buzzword!

hartigan We’re gonna have Daniel Hartigan on with us this Wednesday to talk about the ecological design system called permaculture, along with whatever else might be on his mind. He said he’ll bring his guitar too, and his wife! Like that guy said in that book in the ’70s: Fun and education.

According to the Permaculture Institute, permaculture “teaches us how to design natural homes and abundant food production systems, regenerate degraded landscapes and ecosystems, develop ethical economies and communities, and much more. As an ecological design system, permaculture focuses on the interconnections between things more than individual parts.”

Dudes and ladies, permaculture can be a way of life; it can encompass darned near any managed system you can shake a stick at. Or, if you prefer, it can just be about gardening. That’s cool too.

M&H 019: No One Showed Up for My Pity Party


Between the holidays, travel plans that didn’t happen three times in a row, a ton of behind-the-scenes stuff getting ready for WOOL’s big boost, sheep home improvement projects (now with fewer injuries!), and snow and ice, there’s nothing on tap for this week’s show. Zilch. Zippo. Bupkis. Nada.

And so we have to throw a party. You’re all invited. Open studio extravaganza! I have no idea who-all’s going to show up. The Dish said she’s gonna make it, maybe Mary B if the weather cooperates (looks like we might be getting a little light snow). If Rick’s back in town, maybe he’ll come by. Julio? Heck, I dunno. It’s just gonna be a big ball of surprise. C’mon by. 33 Bridge St in Bellows Falls, a couple blocks down from Popolo, just past the Post Office. If you can’t make it, give us a call at 802-460-9665 ext 100 (no screener, you’ll go right on the air).

Training Show with Rick!

Listen to our broadcasting host community grow as Monsters and Hamsters yields to let Rick take the reins this week for a total-immersion training session. I’ll be there in the background trying to screw him up at every turn. It oughtta be fun, heh-heh-heh.

Rick heard WOOL one day while he was hanging out at the Valley Cafe and knew that he wanted to get involved. You may have heard him on the air as part of the recent Sheep Happens Players bad readings of old-time Christmas radio comedies, or during the Monsters and Hamsters episode that Mark Edson hosted. The guy’s a hoot.

If you’re interested in hosting a show on WOOL too, the details are on the station’s website.