M&H 017: Holiday Show


Ah, screw it… we’re gonna do a Christmas show too!

The Sheep Happens Players will kick things off by performing a couple old-time radio scripts. The Players aren’t actors — they’re WOOL show hosts. They may or may not have read the scripts ahead of time. And some of them may be a little drunk. It’ll be every bit as disorganized and sloppy as you think it might be, and that will make it wonderful.

We’ll round out the last part of the first hour with some "hi-tech contemporary electronic computer Christmas music," which will be every bit as cheesy at you think it might be. And that will make it wonderful.

The second hour will be more Christmas music… by folks like Root Boy Slim, Robert Earl Keen, Hayes Carll, The Ramones, Fishbone, Tom Lehrer, James Brown, and Bootsy Collins. Which will be every bit as untraditional as you think it might be. It’ll be wonderful.

Our cohost will be the magnificent silent auction stag! — the one we offer up to the highest bidder every year, and which never gets bid on. That pleases me greatly, because then it can reign over us from its lofty perch above the CD library for another year. Now that’s a tradition.

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