Cohost Dickie Colo

You’ve been waiting for this, you know you have: Large-hearted curmudgeon Dickie Colo (host of the B Side on every Thursday from 7 to 9 PM) takes to our radio theater stage this week to engineer a train wreck of his very own! colo

Yes, Sir Richard Colo of Saxtons River will be forsaking the Manor Room for a midweek visit with the hoi polloi.

He’s going to run a little late though — he can’t make it to the studio until a half-hour or so after the show starts. That wasn’t the original plan, but I ain’t letting him off the hook. We’re going to take advantage of his tardiness by making stuff up about him until he gets there. Feel free to stop in or call in with your stories about Dickie, whether they’re true or not. (Oh, by the way, Gary has never been an accordion player, and certainly not with Lawrence Welk.)

17 thoughts on “Cohost Dickie Colo

  1. janabryan maryofmarlow  Sounds good to me… How was your Thanksgiving..  Have I seen you since then?

  2. Oh, really… you should have seen me googling for that information about Gary….  You would have laughed your  ______ off….

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