M&H 018: Golden Stag Secret Show


It wasn’t going to happen, but now it is. Show tonight after all. Kind of a secret. Travel plans went awry. Last-minute, low-key, no cohost. santa

Drop-ins and call-ins are most welcome, but not expected at all. I hope everyone’s watching sports or whatever it is people do on Christmas night!

There’s some upcoming events to talk about, there’s a little news perhaps, there’s the potential for musings on the holiday and the nature of people, the solving of the grand unified theory. Probably more music than usual. What didja get this year? What are your favorite gifts of all time: the best one you got, and the best one you gave?

If you’re in need of a good nap, this might be the one to tune into.

The Golden Stag

The Golden Stag

M&H 017: Holiday Show


Ah, screw it… we’re gonna do a Christmas show too!

The Sheep Happens Players will kick things off by performing a couple old-time radio scripts. The Players aren’t actors — they’re WOOL show hosts. They may or may not have read the scripts ahead of time. And some of them may be a little drunk. It’ll be every bit as disorganized and sloppy as you think it might be, and that will make it wonderful.

We’ll round out the last part of the first hour with some "hi-tech contemporary electronic computer Christmas music," which will be every bit as cheesy at you think it might be. And that will make it wonderful.

The second hour will be more Christmas music… by folks like Root Boy Slim, Robert Earl Keen, Hayes Carll, The Ramones, Fishbone, Tom Lehrer, James Brown, and Bootsy Collins. Which will be every bit as untraditional as you think it might be. It’ll be wonderful.

Our cohost will be the magnificent silent auction stag! — the one we offer up to the highest bidder every year, and which never gets bid on. That pleases me greatly, because then it can reign over us from its lofty perch above the CD library for another year. Now that’s a tradition.

M&H 016: Cohost Mark Edson


This is the only known photograph of the enigmatic Mark Edson. Mark-Edson200 Little is known about him: he can sling a good hammer… he’s an occasional Radioke VJ… he has close ties with something mysterious that’s code-named I Don’t Sing: The Broadly Eclectic… and he’s married to the poet laureate of the state of New Hampshire.

We’re going to peel back the layers of this onion. We’re going to unmask this mystery. We’re going to dig up the buried truth. Or else we’re just going to make stuff up like we did with Dickie. And then we’ll have a look around to see what sort of fun things are coming up in the world around us. Think there’ll be any craft shows?

There’s a possibility that we might be joined by a host-hopeful for his first training session, which is always a fun thing. Plus it’s WOOL board meeting night, so keep an ear on what’s happening in the background — the laughter, the tears, the prolonged tension-filled silences.

Open phones! 802-460-9665 ext 100 (no screener, you go right to air). Open studio! Drop in at 33 Bridge St in Bellows Falls. Affiliation-free social media! No-account commenting at www.monstersandhamsters.com. Wednesday night from 7-9PM EST on the local air at 100.1FM, and everywhere else from www.wool.fm.

Cohost Dickie Colo

You’ve been waiting for this, you know you have: Large-hearted curmudgeon Dickie Colo (host of the B Side on WOOL.fm every Thursday from 7 to 9 PM) takes to our radio theater stage this week to engineer a train wreck of his very own! colo

Yes, Sir Richard Colo of Saxtons River will be forsaking the Manor Room for a midweek visit with the hoi polloi.

He’s going to run a little late though — he can’t make it to the studio until a half-hour or so after the show starts. That wasn’t the original plan, but I ain’t letting him off the hook. We’re going to take advantage of his tardiness by making stuff up about him until he gets there. Feel free to stop in or call in with your stories about Dickie, whether they’re true or not. (Oh, by the way, Gary has never been an accordion player, and certainly not with Lawrence Welk.)