Cohost Jeff Weiler

The day before Thanksgiving is coming, and it’ll be show day! Come to think of it, we had a show the day before Halloween too. And we’re also up on the day of Christmas and the day of New Year.

They made me put up this picture of a turkey.

They made me put up this picture of a turkey.

I’m starting to feel like the new guy who gets stuck with all the crappy shifts. Who makes these schedules?

We’re going to have a delightful cohost on the day before Thanksgiving, or else we’re not. He’s promised to try, but no promises. Because I know what fury he’ll have to face from the adoring public if the weather doesn’t cooperate or if he gets distracted at a roadside rest area or there’s something good on TV, I’m going to keep his identity a secret. And his gender.

I may need you to forsake your pumpkin pie making to call in and interrupt my uncontrolled weeping.

UPDATE: OK, it’s safe to say it now… it’ll be Jeff Weiler, host of the ever-popular Happy Feet show (Sundays 9 to noon)! Even though the weather might be a little stinky, weiler he’s going to most likely absolutely be here nearly almost for sure. 60% of the time it works every time.

Sure, the guy has good taste in a wide variety of music. That’s cool. But something that really sets him apart is that he’s one of those people who seems to have hung onto every friend he’s ever made — and he seems to have made a lot of them over the years ’cause he’s a smart guy, funny, with a solid gold heart that’s the size of the head of a baby. (That’s where the similarities with Kilroy end. What, you people never read Tennessee Williams?)

Carve some time out of your turkey prep to tune in this Wednesday night on the radio or streaming, 7-9 EST. Social media commenting for all during the show on the website, no account or affiliation required. Phone calls accepted about whatever you want to discuss, 802-460-9665 ext 100. Open studio, feel free to stop by 33 Bridge St during the show.

You’ll be thankful.

Cohost Chris Sherwin

Stoked to have Chris Sherwin as this week’s cohost! So stoked, in fact, that I’m not even going to try to use the work “stoked” in some sort of lame glass furnace joke.

chrissherwin Yeah, this is the guy from Sherwin Art Glass, the place where Rosie the dog greets you at the front door of magic.

We’ll talk a bit about that thing he does, and probe his psyche some, then have a look in the papers to see what kinda fun stuff is going on in the region during the upcoming week.

Join us this Wednesday night on the radio in the broadcast area at 100.1FM from 7-9, or streaming live from anywhere in the world via starting at 7PM Eastern Time. There’ll be live commenting during the show online at under the “M&H 013” post. Phone calls about whatever you want to discuss are welcome — encouraged! — during the show, 802-460-9665 ext 100. (There’s only one line; if it’s busy, call back. We’re on a delay, so turn off your radio. You’ll go directly to air, and will be recorded for later playback.) We also have an open studio policy, so feel free to stop by 33 Bridge St during the show. Maybe Chris will give you a tour of his glass blowing studio afterward.

M&H 012: Regional Music II, and a Surprise Appearance


It was another night of regional music appreciation because there was a station board meeting, and the annual silent auction was just two days away, and there was a bunch of stuff to do involved with WOOL’s impending move to full-power… there just wasn’t time to pull together a for-real show.

But the meetings and other tasks wrapped up about halfway through the program, so a few of us took to the mics and had a little fun.

Next week we’re back on track with Chris Sherwin of Sherwin Art Glass cohosting!

M&H 011: Regional Music Appreciation Night

Music, music, music. Nix on yakking this week. We’re doing tunage! From time to time Monsters and Hamsters is gonna take a night to celebrate the breadth and height (and, yes, the depths too) of music from the region we live in that’s come out over the years. Some of it’s pretty recent, some of it’s pretty old, some of it’s kinda country, and some of it’s kinda rock and roll. But it’s OUR people, so it’s all good. No cohost, no calls, no talk, none of the regular hijinx. Just the hearts and souls of the musicians among us. We’re surrounded by a bounty of talent. You knew that, right? Support your local music-makers!