M&H 010: World Series? Really? Tonight?


‘Twas the night before Halloween and all through the studio / (something something something something something)… Borneo? Torpedo? Scenario? Pianissimo? frankenstein

OK, so that was a big fail.

Gonna be a particularly good show though. I can tell. Maybe not all that spooky or anything, but with Gary Smith copiloting how can it go wrong? Tune in and find out, I guess.

Tonight. 100.1FM, or streaming via wool.fm starting at 7PM Eastern Time. Live commenting during the show right here. Phone calls at 802-460-9665 ext 100 (there’s only one line — if it’s busy, call back. And turn off your radio, we’re on a delay. You’ll go directly to air, and will be recorded for later playback.) Feel free to stop by in person at 33 Bridge St during the show.

2 thoughts on “M&H 010: World Series? Really? Tonight?

  1. HI, Tomorrow AM is live with some
    of tonight’s songs plus even more ..  Strictly Halloween and PSAs,
    weather, and Silent Auction info.. I’ll be dressed in my Dad’s ( the
    original Charlie) sailor suit from the his Navy Days in 1916.

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