M&H 009: Surprisingly sedate! Mostly. After a While.


With winter starting to tighten its icy grip (hard freezes coming the next few nights, folks), it seems appropriate to have funeral consultant Mark Kenney in the cohost chair on Monsters and Hamsters: timely dispatches from the southern Vermont / New Hampshire borderlands. But that’s just the guy’s day job — he’s no cartoony gloomy stereotype. He’s also a rocker with a music show here at WOOL.fm, a fun-lovin’ family guy, a Halloween enthusiast, a veteran, a laugher, and more. We’ll delve into that and other stuff for a bit before taking an extended look at our collective community social calendar with so-many-things-to-do in the region, throwing in some local news and left-field chatter about who-knows-what.

Join us tonight on the radio in the broadcast area at 100.1FM from 7-9, or streaming live from anywhere in the world via www.wool.fm starting at 7PM Eastern Time. There’s live commenting during the show online at www.monstersandhamsters.com. Phone calls about whatever you want to discuss are welcome during the show, 802-460-9665 ext 100. (There’s only one line; if it’s busy, call back. We’re on a delay, so turn off your radio. You’ll go directly to air, and will be recorded for later playback.) We also have an open studio policy, so feel free to stop by 33 Bridge St during the show; we’ll try to stick a microphone in front of you, but you don’t have to say anything.

13 thoughts on “M&H 009: Surprisingly sedate! Mostly. After a While.

  1. Mark K…… Cut out the eyes and nose and teeth of a pumpkin in the paper and  put some thin yellow over the cut-outs, then light in the room behind.

  2. Hey, I loved being there, and I’ll be BACK !  We have 4 signed and limited Edition Prints from Charlie Hunter for our Silent Auction.

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