M&H 008: Children of the Candy Corn: The Lard Files


It’s homophonically appropriate that The Dish is cohosting episode eight. Episode ate! Get it?! She hosts a show about baking and cooking good stuff!

It’s gonna be a fun night; she packs a sense of whimsy that ranges from the homespun to the bizarre, and I never really know what direction things are going to take when she gets going. Me, I like that. You will too.

26 thoughts on “M&H 008: Children of the Candy Corn: The Lard Files

  1. Thanks for letting me share your Air in the Chair!   It was a great conversation, lard, bats, children of the Candy Corn and cranberry meatloaf.  Loved it!

  2. I still think your mother should join the red hat ladies – even though she usually says it wrong and calls them “red hot ladies”

  3. hey, Melissa, I’m with ya… BF garden plot, food jokes, and in thinking that Mr. Pink ate healthy food… he told me he’s a sugar junkie!

  4. Calls are always welcome during the show: 802-460-9665 ext 100. You’ll go directly to air so be ready for that… and we’re on a several-second delay, so turn off your radio.
     Real live in-person drop-ins are also welcome here at the studio during the show, 33 Bridge St in Bellows Falls, just across the canal from the post office, which is just down the side street from Popolo.

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