We Still Don’t Know Who We Are

Now, about the show’s name. There’s some support for “Pickle Barrel,” the first one we came up with — the idea being to evoke the sort of conversations that might take place in an old-timey general store. Not a bad notion, if not entirely accurate based on how the first episode ended up going. But perhaps the biggest difficulty with that name is that there’s a popular bar in Killington with it. If you Google the words pickle barrel, they’ve got the first half-dozen returns. It seems like it’s already a strongly established Vermont thing. We could do it anyway, of course, but do we really wanna? Not really.

“Monsters and Hamsters” isn’t a very transparent name either, though if it’s generally included with the subtitle — “Timely dispatches from the southern Vermont / New Hampshire borderlands” — the alliterative gem should be nicely apparent, and it does give it a regional connection. Aside from that, it’s kinda ridiculous on the surface and we like that.

2 thoughts on “We Still Don’t Know Who We Are

  1. Monsters and Hamsters is catchy.  Plus you could probably create a catchy logo featuring both monsters and hamsters.

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