M&H 002: Twerking Out the Yinks


We’re taking another whack at figuring out what this show’s going to be and how it’ll work, Wednesday at 7PM Eastern. The cohost is Jeremy Saperstein, coming in via Skype from Wisconsin — if it works well enough (and I think it’s going to), that’ll be another avenue for bringing folks to the show.

Jeremy’s probably just about one of the most ideal people I can think of to help bang on this thing to find the weak spots. Along with all of you, of course.

Listen in for local news and unbridled chatter. We’ll take phone calls, we’ll accept visitors.

I’m hoping, begging that people will test out the commenting system on the nascent website. The address for it is undoubtedly going to change, so for now the surest way there is to hit potkettleblack.com and click the “secret radio show” link.

Oh, I bought a timer at the Job Lots to help me remember to do IDs and PSAs. Celebrate the new dinger with us.

22 thoughts on “M&H 002: Twerking Out the Yinks

  1. Part of the problem with Facebook is that it’s limited to people on Facebook, which has pretty clearly reached its saturation point. And Facebook’s own ever-more-squelching algorithms make it increasingly less relevant: an overwhelming majority of WOOL’s Facebook Group members never see anything that’s posted to the group show up in their timelines. The purpose of having an organizational presence on Facebook is being increasingly defeated by Facebook itself.
    I don’t plan on the show ignoring the WOOL Facebook Group, and I still plan on establishing a Facebook Page for the show… but I don’t consider Facebook anywhere near as important or relevant as it was even a year or two ago. The writing is on the wall, so to speak.

  2. FB is prettier and is easier for those who are black sheep FB followers.. I like FB better. 
    It was great fun… see FB post…

  3. @Beth Thank you! I had fun. This is going to be a fun show to do. Dunno about listening, but over here it’s a good time.   🙂

  4. I like it better than FB.  I don’t have to refresh either.   Plus my FB friends don’t really want to see all my Pretty Big Place comments or so my sister tells me.

  5. maryofmarlow  
    I’m in Minnesota, but traveled there quite a bit for work.  Would stay in Nashua and drive down to Groton, Mass. for work. Have considered moving there.

  6. Lets be concise….. NRC –  Nuclear Regulatory Commission…  Athens – take a left at the junction of RT 121 and RT 35
    There is a PSA for the Ukelele Society

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