M&H 003: Too Soon to Tell — But…

This week’s cohost is Donna K.


Learned a bunch in the first two formative episodes about what this show may turn out to be. Hearty handshakes and meaty milkshakes go to the cohosts, to our one drop-in guest and our sole caller to date (no worries, it’s early times and hardly anybody knows what we’re doing yet), and particularly to the small but rowdy band of early adopters on the social media front.

Our first two cohosts, Julio and Jeremy, quickly established a freewheeling and free-associative approach that was entertaining and compelling, chock fulla unexpected twists and turns. They opened doors I hadn’t noticed and gave me perspectives on what this thing can be that I hadn’t considered. Of course, every cohost will be different, and that’ll be part of the week-to-week creamy goodness. That’s people. That’s community. That’s what this is about.

The social media aspect has turned out to be a hoot. The first episode totally unexpectedly went off like a rocket on WOOL’s Facebook group; the second one got off to a slower start but then came nicely to life too.

Since last week, a website and a Facebook page have been set up for the show. Give the website a try! The commenting system is very much like Facebook’s — you can even log in with your Facebook credentials. But unlike Facebook, you don’t need to have an account on Facebook or anywhere else to use it. Listen in, join in.

If you missed the first two shows, it’s fun to listen to them while reading the commentary (episode #1 and its commentaryepisode #2 and its commentary). Hopefully the real-time chatter will take place on the website going forward so everything’s all in the same place, fully and easily accessible to everyone. But I clearly have little to no control over anything, so we’ll see what happens. In any case, hope it stays active and fun because it’s fun when it’s active.

Also, we’re on the lookout for guests and cohosts! Don’t be bashful. It’s good times. No experience needed. We’re all friends. Drop us a line.a href=”mailto:monsterhamster@potkettleblack.com

5 thoughts on “M&H 003: Too Soon to Tell — But…

  1. It occurs to me that many, perhaps most, of our early-adopting listeners are going to be in the board meeting. So I’m girding my loins for a quiet social media night. Which doesn’t require any loin-girding, I guess; it’s an opportunity to ungird, actually, and let them legs taste the breeze. (Just need to watch out for the tumbleweeds.)

  2. Something interesting: Comments on this post here on Facebook will also show up over on the website too as comments on the entry I linked to above. However, it’ll take about an hour or more for them to get there. So for good-time real-time peanut gallery kibitzing during the show, the best thing is to head over to the website where everybody has participatory privilege. I know it’s shocking, but not everybody’s on Facebook.You can log in to the website’s commenting using your Facebook or other credentials, or comment as a guest without logging into anything. It’s pretty cool, really.

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