M&H 004: Actual News! (and Stuff)

We’ve got James Vincent cohosting tonight!


Mary B is on deck for next week, and off in the fuzzy future you can look forward to the likes of Melissa The Dish, Broadly Eclectic Mark E, Three Bags Full of Jeff S, the enigmatic Sunny Lowdown Louie X Blue Lou, Jeff W’s Happy Feet, ETCheryl and Ellen, and even mister-behind-the-scenes Gary.

Yes, these are all WOOL people. I’m giving first crack at cohosting to my immediate surroundings; mostly because they deserve it, but also partly so that the show can get some steam behind it before I start hassling people from the broader community. That’s gonna be some other fun when we start doing that, I tell you what.

But if you’re out there and it sounds like cohosting might be a good time, be assured that it is — and you don’t have to wait! If you’re rarin’ to go, drop me a line and you’ll get in ASAP. Absolutely. This is community radio, not a radio club. We want you listening… and even better, participating.

Tomorrow is Talk Like A Pirate Day. We’ll be opening the show with a tribute to that — and then whatever happens, happens.

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