Got Eyes On You People


Just set up analytics. So fresh and clean!

Fact is that we’re a little local radio show on a little community station, and realistically there’s never really going to be much in the way of traffic. Oh, we could prop it up by citing server requests — 18,085 in the last week! Seriously. For all of though, including every single individual request for every page, image, and all. Monsters and Hamsters is just a new little piece of the stuff I’ve got squirreled away. Or we could only include actual page requests — 4,227 in the last week! Seriously. Again, though, for everything on the potkettleblack domain.

The truth of the matter is that there’s been 245 hits on the Monsters and Hamsters index page since I made it about two-and-a-half weeks ago… which, truth be told, is darned good for what this is. How many of those are unique? Dunno. More encouraging, the podcast feed has been pulled 185 times since I set it up a few days ago. How many of those are robots? How many of those are iTunes checking for updates? Dunno. Analytics will help tame these numbers into something sensible.

But frankly, it doesn’t matter. I’m just curious that way.