Cohost Donna K

We’re way pleased to have Donna K from Team Donna K (Sundays from 6-8PM EST) sitting in with us this Wednesday! donnak She’s an artist, she’s funny, she’s community-minded, she’s got a way of thinking about things, and she’s got stories. Get to know Donna. Here’s her secret life.

And it’s also going to be WOOL Board Meeting night. I managed to forget about that, despite being on the board and doing canned shows every second Wednesday for over a year. But Monsters and Hamsters is new and different… and important — maybe only to me — in ways that I can’t quite express. So I’m going to be skipping out on the board meeting in favor of doing the show, but may have to leave Donna in charge briefly from time to time if I’m needed for something at the board meeting. Maybe we’ll change the meeting night so the board can go to the classic movies at the Opera House. Or better yet, listen to Monsters and Hamsters.

7 thoughts on “Cohost Donna K

  1. I’ll get to wallow in feminine insight and wittiness, as opposed to scraping the mucus off my brain, live and on the air.

  2. Ah, Jeremy ….. It is worse not being asked :-), but there is plenty of time as this show is great and will have longevity. It will be an interesting night as there will be plenty of folks dropping into the studio. You could call in..

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