M&H 005: Swishbacksh

Special treat: Gonna debut a new intro right at the top of the show, so don’t be late.


In addition to the typically unexpected jaunts and sidetracks, expect the usual updates and notifications on all the stuff that keeps us interesting and exciting here in the mid-Connecticut River valley. As always, we’ll be happy to take your calls, happy to see you darken the studio’s doorstep, happy to get your input on the website. Dammit, we’ll just be happy.

There’s one burning thing I’m going to be asking tonight’s cohost, Mary B: What exactly does “Counter Poise 9 1/2” mean? I know there’s got to be something behind it, I just don’t know what it is.

Cohost Mary B (AKA Charlie)

It’s Mary B in the copilot seat this week; maryb you may also know her as Charlie, host of the music-and-talk Thursday morning show, Counter Poise 9 1/2. What you may not know is how much she does for WOOL behind the scenes — keeping the books, making sure bills get paid, processing mail and memberships, helping organize events, and generally pulling together the day-to-day threads of the station’s fabric.

She’s also an area lifer, been around here forever. Or for a long time at any rate. She’s got insider takes on regional people and places and goings-on and I suspect we might get an earful.

M&H 004: Actual News! (and Stuff)

We’ve got James Vincent cohosting tonight!


Mary B is on deck for next week, and off in the fuzzy future you can look forward to the likes of Melissa The Dish, Broadly Eclectic Mark E, Three Bags Full of Jeff S, the enigmatic Sunny Lowdown Louie X Blue Lou, Jeff W’s Happy Feet, ETCheryl and Ellen, and even mister-behind-the-scenes Gary.

Yes, these are all WOOL people. I’m giving first crack at cohosting to my immediate surroundings; mostly because they deserve it, but also partly so that the show can get some steam behind it before I start hassling people from the broader community. That’s gonna be some other fun when we start doing that, I tell you what.

But if you’re out there and it sounds like cohosting might be a good time, be assured that it is — and you don’t have to wait! If you’re rarin’ to go, drop me a line and you’ll get in ASAP. Absolutely. This is community radio, not a radio club. We want you listening… and even better, participating.

Tomorrow is Talk Like A Pirate Day. We’ll be opening the show with a tribute to that — and then whatever happens, happens.

Cohost James Vincent

We’ve got resident headbanger James Vincent from Medication Time (Tuesdays 3-6PM) cohosting this week. jamesvincent That’s right, the golden-voiced metal-anthem Tuesday-drive-time guy will be there in the flesh throwing down his North Walpole straight talk, good humor, and general cheeriness. (Seriously, he’s a great guy.)

The studio doors will be open and you’re so very welcome to stop in. You can phone in anytime during the show at 802-460-9665 ext 100. Social media is at the ready (but the best place to join in online is here on the website).

As always, I have pretty much no idea how this is going to go down…

For Your Pleasure: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and More

Here on the website, you’ll notice a row of shiny new buttons over there on top of the right-hand column (unless you’re on a phone or other small screen, which automatically makes that column disappear). These are direct one-click links for sending an email to the show; finding us on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+; subscribing to the site with your feed reader; subscribing to the podcast on iTunes; and accessing the audio archive on MixCloud. All this for you!

OK, well, really, I did this for my own amusement. C’mon, there are plenty of stupider things I could have wasted my time doing. Think we’ll ever see any action on Google+? Dunno. But darn it, we CAN!

Got Eyes On You People


Just set up analytics. So fresh and clean!

Fact is that we’re a little local radio show on a little community station, and realistically there’s never really going to be much in the way of traffic. Oh, we could prop it up by citing server requests — 18,085 in the last week! Seriously. For all of potkettleblack.com though, including every single individual request for every page, image, and all. Monsters and Hamsters is just a new little piece of the stuff I’ve got squirreled away. Or we could only include actual page requests — 4,227 in the last week! Seriously. Again, though, for everything on the potkettleblack domain.

The truth of the matter is that there’s been 245 hits on the Monsters and Hamsters index page since I made it about two-and-a-half weeks ago… which, truth be told, is darned good for what this is. How many of those are unique? Dunno. More encouraging, the podcast feed has been pulled 185 times since I set it up a few days ago. How many of those are robots? How many of those are iTunes checking for updates? Dunno. Analytics will help tame these numbers into something sensible.

But frankly, it doesn’t matter. I’m just curious that way.

M&H 003: Too Soon to Tell — But…

This week’s cohost is Donna K.


Learned a bunch in the first two formative episodes about what this show may turn out to be. Hearty handshakes and meaty milkshakes go to the cohosts, to our one drop-in guest and our sole caller to date (no worries, it’s early times and hardly anybody knows what we’re doing yet), and particularly to the small but rowdy band of early adopters on the social media front.

Our first two cohosts, Julio and Jeremy, quickly established a freewheeling and free-associative approach that was entertaining and compelling, chock fulla unexpected twists and turns. They opened doors I hadn’t noticed and gave me perspectives on what this thing can be that I hadn’t considered. Of course, every cohost will be different, and that’ll be part of the week-to-week creamy goodness. That’s people. That’s community. That’s what this is about.

The social media aspect has turned out to be a hoot. The first episode totally unexpectedly went off like a rocket on WOOL’s Facebook group; the second one got off to a slower start but then came nicely to life too.

Since last week, a website and a Facebook page have been set up for the show. Give the website a try! The commenting system is very much like Facebook’s — you can even log in with your Facebook credentials. But unlike Facebook, you don’t need to have an account on Facebook or anywhere else to use it. Listen in, join in.

If you missed the first two shows, it’s fun to listen to them while reading the commentary (episode #1 and its commentaryepisode #2 and its commentary). Hopefully the real-time chatter will take place on the website going forward so everything’s all in the same place, fully and easily accessible to everyone. But I clearly have little to no control over anything, so we’ll see what happens. In any case, hope it stays active and fun because it’s fun when it’s active.

Also, we’re on the lookout for guests and cohosts! Don’t be bashful. It’s good times. No experience needed. We’re all friends. Drop us a line.a href=”mailto:monsterhamster@potkettleblack.com

Cohost Donna K

We’re way pleased to have Donna K from Team Donna K (Sundays from 6-8PM EST) sitting in with us this Wednesday! donnak She’s an artist, she’s funny, she’s community-minded, she’s got a way of thinking about things, and she’s got stories. Get to know Donna. Here’s her secret life.

And it’s also going to be WOOL Board Meeting night. I managed to forget about that, despite being on the board and doing canned shows every second Wednesday for over a year. But Monsters and Hamsters is new and different… and important — maybe only to me — in ways that I can’t quite express. So I’m going to be skipping out on the board meeting in favor of doing the show, but may have to leave Donna in charge briefly from time to time if I’m needed for something at the board meeting. Maybe we’ll change the meeting night so the board can go to the classic movies at the Opera House. Or better yet, listen to Monsters and Hamsters.

M&H 002: Twerking Out the Yinks


We’re taking another whack at figuring out what this show’s going to be and how it’ll work, Wednesday at 7PM Eastern. The cohost is Jeremy Saperstein, coming in via Skype from Wisconsin — if it works well enough (and I think it’s going to), that’ll be another avenue for bringing folks to the show.

Jeremy’s probably just about one of the most ideal people I can think of to help bang on this thing to find the weak spots. Along with all of you, of course.

Listen in for local news and unbridled chatter. We’ll take phone calls, we’ll accept visitors.

I’m hoping, begging that people will test out the commenting system on the nascent website. The address for it is undoubtedly going to change, so for now the surest way there is to hit potkettleblack.com and click the “secret radio show” link.

Oh, I bought a timer at the Job Lots to help me remember to do IDs and PSAs. Celebrate the new dinger with us.