Cohost Julio Razquin

The man from Lost Marbles, Julio Razquin, was the surprise cohost for the first episode. julio2 It wasn’t part of the plan… but he was there, and he stepped up and hit it out of the park.

He’ll be back, oh yes, if he’ll have us. Until then, his show follows right after this one on, so stay tuned each week.

Afterward, he sent the following. I don’t know if he has a melody for it, but if anyone feels moved to set it to music or do a dramatic recitation, please have at it and send in a copy. I smell a theme song.

Oh! What fun to be had!
With a microphone and Mark
They’ll tune in from yonder
And farther
Just to hear the banter
Learn of all sorts of matters
Maybe chit, and then chatter
Unabashedly smarter
Never dull
And always sharper than…
Oh! What fun to be had.
P.S. I’ll bring the cookies this time.