M&H 001: A Big Fun Messy Test

The Pickle Barrel… Around Hereabouts… Monsters and Hamsters…


Pretty Big Place is drawing to a close; I’ll be doing a different program, probably on a different day and time.

I don’t exactly know what’s going to happen on tonight’s show – some sort of rambling and disjointed open planning discussion workshoppy deal, maybe, at least in the first hour.

I haven’t come up with a name. No format’s been decided. Features are up in the air. No time slot’s been finalized. All input on anything is welcome.

I do know that it’ll be a local live talky: Take a look at what’s in the local papers (suggestions for which ones? I was going to limit it to the weekly freebies around here, and the websites of more distant and subscription-based papers)… what’s going on with local organizations… and like-that.

Phone calls, guests, interviews are hoped for. Probably a little music by local folks with upcoming shows.

I’ll welcome anyone to the studio while I’m on if they want to help come up with a plan for this thing. I’ll welcome phone calls.

And I’ll welcome comments, questions, and ideas as responses to this post. Private messages and emails are perfectly OK too.

I’m also totally open to the notion of having one or more co-hosts for this program; on a revolving basis is just fine if people would only like to sit in maybe once a month or so. (Interested? Let me know.)

It’ll probably be offered as a podcast and as on-demand restreaming for the time-shifters among us (me being one of those).

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