Sam Creigh In the House

Sam’s gonna be back in the studio with us this week at 7:00! It’s been almost a year since the last time, so it’s probably safe again by now. He’s promised to bring his guitar, and he let it spill that he’s written a jingle for WOOL so we’ll be sure to strangle that out of him.

As (almost) always, it’s an open studio so feel free to drop in. If you’re a musician, bring your music thing and back him up; if you’re an aficionado, bring your aficio and clap along.

WOOL-FM 91.5 around here, streaming from over there, studio’s at 33 Bridge St in Bellows Falls, phone number’s 802-460-9665 ext 100, showtime’s 7:00 PM on Wednesday.

David Olney Interview, plus the fabled Hungrytown In-Studio

Every now and then I manage to scrape a show together that’s a really good monster. This week’s will be one of those. Seriously, catch it if you can. A conversation with David Olney will kick it off – that’s right, the big-deal Nashville songer who’s written with and been covered by Emmylou Harris, Steve Earle, Johnny Cash, Linda Ronstadt, Steve Young, Del McCoury, and the list goes on.

And then in the second hour, I’m trotting out that super-fun in-studio with Hungrytown from just over a year ago. It’s time to soak in that wide-ranging good time again.

Here’s the thing: David Olney, with bassist Daniel Seymour, plus Hungrytown are performing in Wardsboro VT on July 22. And, amazingly, it’s a paltry $10 ticket. Yow. I think that has a lot to do with Wardsboro Curtain Call, the fine people mounting this show, being an all-volunteer effort. Much like your favorite community radio station, WOOL-FM. Find details about the show at

2014 interviews REDUX

About a month and a half ago, I was going to replay a couple big-deal interviews I did in 2014 with Mary Gauthier and Gurf Morlix. But, as you’ll recall, the whole damn station went down for about three hours just as they were about to start.

Well, I’m going to try again this week starting in the 8:00 PM hour. Gauthier and Gurf… plus a newer one with The Ladles, because Lucy Wainwright Roche and Suzzy Roche played at Next Stage last weekend and The Ladles remind me of the Roches.

First hour will be PSAs and papers!

Ticket Giveaway: Lucy Wainwright Roche + Suzzy Roche

Psst. This is Mark from Monsters and Hamsters, Wednesday nights from 7 to 9. Lucy Wainwright Roche is gonna be playing Next Stage in Putney on Saturday, May 13, and she’s bringing her mom, Suzzy Roche. I’ve got a couple pair of tickets to give away on my next show. The Roche family is like the Baldwin brothers, but better: it’s music instead of acting, and there’s more of ’em. Lucy cut her teeth singing backup for her brother Rufus Wainwright, opening for her dad Loudon Wainwright III, and touring and performing with folks like Dar Williams, Neko Case, Amos Lee, The Indigo Girls, and Over the Rhine. Her mom Suzzy was in one of modern folk’s most celebrated bands, The Roches. More info about the May 13 concert online at… and I’ll have tickets to give away during my show sometime after 7:00 this Wednesday night, May 10. Tune in: Monsters & Hamsters on WOOL-FM 91.5 or streaming everywhere from

Lucy Wainwright Roche with special guest Suzzy Roche

Tony Elliott

Somehow I didn’t post this fun and impromptu insider conversation that I had with Tony. I’ll fix that now.

Gretchen Peters interview

One of a pair of interviews with co-headliners Gretchen Peters and Eliza Gilkyson, who will be performing at Next Stage Arts in Putney VT on April 30 (2017). Between them they have like four Grammy nods and wins, a gajillion awards, almost 40 albums, and a coupla big hearts and brains. The track “Blackbirds” from the album “Blackbirds” and re-released on “The Essential Gretchen Peters” (both on Scarlet Letter Records) is included with the permission of the artist.

Eliza Gilkyson interview

One of a pair of interviews with co-headliners Eliza Gilkyson and Gretchen Peters, who will be performing at Next Stage Arts in Putney VT on April 30 (2017). Between them they have like four Grammy nods and wins, a gajillion awards, almost 40 albums, and a coupla big hearts and brains. The track “The Great Correction” from the album “Beautiful World” on Red House Records is included with the permission of the artist.

2014 interviews: Mary Gauthier and Gurf Morlix

UPDATE. Yeah, so that second hour didn’t go too well. Apologies. We had an IP issue and the whole danged station went down for a couple hours starting right before 8:00. So I’m gonna try to run those interviews again, probably next week.

– – –

First hour this week, not sure yet.

But since I think I’ll be taking a whack at interviewing the Roots On The River performers again this year (see for the lineup and all the details), in the 8:00 hour I’m gonna trot out a chat I had with Mary Gauthier, who will be back at the Meeting House to close out the festival again this year, as is tradition. See her website at and her Wikipedia page at

I also had Gurf Morlix in the studio that year before his concert at the Windham Ballroom, so I’m going to make it a 2014 theme. Plus, he produced one of Mary’s albums and played on others. He’s one of those legends that a lot of people haven’t heard of. See his website at and scroll through his huge list of credits on Discogs at

This Week on Monsters & Hamsters: More of The Same

Went on a bit of a good-natured tear on the differences and similarities between public and community radio during the open tonight. Good thing we’re not on a tight clock. I don’t normally post myself yapping, but this was fun and some folks may find it interesting.

– – –

Got no plans for the show this week other than PSAs, papers, and playing stuff off the latest releases from The Devil Makes Three (Ruin & Redemption) and the DiTrani Brothers (self-titled, produced by Pete Bernhard of TDM3). Both so good!

As usual, it’ll also be open phones at 802-460-9665 ext 100, and open studio at 33 Bridge St in Bellow Falls. Wednesday night from 7 to 9. TDM3 or the DiTranis are welcome to call or come in, but both bands are on tour and I think they’re both out on the west coast somewhere, and I doubt either band keeps tabs on my show. I barely do myself. But in the absence of them, there’s more room for you. Gimme a jingle. Stop by with a Mountain Dew.

If I get desperate enough, I might rerun the in-studio with Pete Bernhard from just about a year ago in advance of his sold-out solo show with The Huntress & Holder Of Hands and O’Death at Next Stage in Putney. Since that’s a maybe, feel free to listen on your own now:

A nice exchange in the comments of that video:
“What is the song Pete plays at 10:15?”
“I’ve searched high and low, I’m 99% sure this is the only time he recorded it. Might be my favorite song by him too.”

I did attempt to drum up a couple things, but the ball didn’t come back to me. If life had unfolded differently (as it already has in an alternate universe in which all of our lives are awesome), there might have been an interview with Ross Daly that would have been really, really cool. He’s playing Stone Church with Kelly Thoma on the 26th: Contemporary Modal Music.

And there might have been a conversation with Tara Greenblatt, who is heading up a big shindig at Mole Hill on the 25th with the Tara Greenblatt Band, Libby Kirkpatrick, Polly Wood, Briena Pearl, and Andrew Hannah that’s going to be an exceptional evening: Volition.

Ross or Tara are also most welcome to call or stop by if they wish. But they’re out on the west coast right now too for all I know.

Nothing wrong with PSAs and papers!